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Sauce Menu

Savory Delights

Olive Tapenade Spread

Savory blend of olives, capers, and garlic, perfect for spreading on crusty bread.


Basil Pesto Sauce

Fresh basil, pine nuts, and Parmesan cheese blended into a rich and flavorful sauce.


Rosemary Balsamic Dressing

A tangy and herbaceous dressing made with balsamic vinegar and fresh rosemary.


Signature Sauces

Roasted Tomato Marinara

A classic marinara sauce with the added richness of roasted tomatoes and fresh basil.


Spicy Tomato Sauce

A zesty and spicy sauce made with fresh tomatoes, garlic, and chili peppers.


Parmesan Alfredo Sauce

A creamy and indulgent Alfredo sauce made with Parmesan cheese and garlic.


Sweet Endings

Strawberry Dessert Sauce

A sweet and tangy strawberry sauce, perfect for drizzling over desserts.


Caramel Dessert Sauce

A rich and velvety caramel sauce, perfect for topping ice cream or brownies.


Chocolate Dessert Sauce

A decadent chocolate sauce made with high-quality cocoa, perfect for indulging in desserts.


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